looking up domain IP address

initiating TCP connection

waking server

server farm requests energy

German nuclear reactors seem to be inoperative

searching alternative energy sources

wind energy insufficient

cloud blocking solar panels

searching alternative to alternativeenergy sources

harnessing hot air emited at climate conferences

energy found

server ready

getting HTTP request

processing HTTP request

sending HTTP response

loading html css JavaScript


hello world

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❯ function

software engineer

❯ name

Kevin Bloch

❯ area

Zürich, Switzerland

❯ current contract

textshuttle - AI Translation

❯ working on

CI/CD workflows for AI models

❯ frontend

Web / UI development

❯ techstack
  • HTML CSS JavaScript
  • React TypeScript next.js
  • ❯ backend

    Software Engineering

    ❯ techstack
  • Python FastAPI Flask
  • Docker Regex Redis Linux
  • ❯ industry knowledge

     branding & advertising

     technology & engineering

    ﴝ finance & banking

    更 pharmaceuticals & health care

    ❯ availability

    freelancing & contracts

    ❯ workmodes

    on premise or remote

    ❯ contact


    ❯ the cube

    󰆧 destroy it

    ❯ then

    scroll 